Below you can find a series of recurring questions that are made to us.
If you do not find an answer send us a message, we will contact you in a short time.


Yes for 90% of cases, we can repair your frame by reconditioning the mechanical and aestethical features as the original version.

Of course the pedemonte technical office can take care of your request therefore the pedemonte painting service can update the frame to a new style.

Yes, we can update and fix the existing paint as the original version or we can create a new graphic according to the customer’s request.


We can assemble every typology of group set of all brand both mechanical and electronic.

Yes we produce carbon rim both for tubular and clincher. we can assemble every kind of hub and spokes.

The customer can choose all kind of bottom bracket except for rhinocers frame which only adopts press fit 386 or press fit 86,5 x 41 mm.


On request we assemble the complete bicycle by choosing components and accessories the customer preferes.

Yes it is possible only for the rhinoceros frame.

We offer a lifetime warranty about the painting and to structural damages. such lifetime warranty is restricted to the first owner only.


Of course it is possible to set a meeting by scheduling it.

We suggest to contact a professional biomechanical to take the exact body measurements. in the pedemonte website it is possible to download a form about body measurement suggestions.

Actually it depens on the shipping destination and on the box size also if frame kit or bicycle. please send us an email and we will get back to you with more details.

Please provide us an email and we will provide all prices.

It is possible to provide graphic rendering in order to see how the final result looks like.

Of course! it is fine to direct to a professional body biomecanichal service.

The pedemonte service is also about providing pictures of all the frame kit production stages. our customers receive an usb key with all the pictures about the pedemonte frame kit.

Yes it is possible to download in the news&media section of the www:pedemonte.bike site

We produce pedemonte frame kits starting from the tubing production. therefore we take care of the whole production process inside of pedemonte company.

Of course we can ship everywhere in the world.