Stiffness test report of the RHINOCEROS frame; extraordinary ranking

It is one the most representative shop in Taiwan, Shop name 崇越單車台中, which owns a unique testing machine for cycle frames and wheels. Probably the first shop in the world to have such extraordinary machinary!

We have tested the Pedemonte Rhinoceros bespoke size frame with the IWS wrapping system and we got the sensational result.
Rhinoceros got a ramarkable special ranking: 6th overall of 150 tested frames, of which the most important frame Brands in the market.
In particular the stiffness test provided us the following numbers:
Total: 6th of 150 tested carbon frames
Rigidity test to bottom bracke: 2nd of 150 frames
Rigidity/lightness ratio: 6th of 150 frames

Technical datas:
Stepping stiffness: 78,2 N/mm
Drive stiffness: 285,4 N/mm
Stiffness to weight ratio: 48 N/mm

Calculation method:
294 N/mm is the load applied during testing
Lateral stiffness=294/1,84mm = 159,8*
Trace stiffness=294 N/1,92mm=153,1**
Stepping stiffness= 294/(1,84+1,92)=78,2
Drive stiffness=294N/1,03mm=258,4
Stepping stiffness= direction finding stiffness (159,8*)+mlongitudinal stiffness (153,1**)
As artisanal factory we are very glad and enthusiast to share this important result, but we are continuing to work in order to provide you the best frame and to improve the production process.
See you on the streets with Pedemonte!



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